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Watch This If You're Ready To Change Your Body INDEFINITELY And Become Your Most Powerful Self! 

Surely You're Sick And Tired Of Not Seeing Results By Now? Well You Don't Have To Be...

Look No More

I've helped many women like you ditch the quick fix diets and say 'hello' to a lifestyle without restrictions and extreme exercise routines!

...and that doesn't have to be YOU anymore.


Here's a few testimonials from women that I have worked with before...

(Ps. These are women who were once in a similar position to you)


Lisa previously struggled with food portions and understanding how to exercise. We implemented custom flexible nutrition tracking to gain knowledge on what she was fuelling her body with and the right amounts of food that were needed, as well as a training program that taught her how to move her body in order to achieve her physique goals. Lisa gained a new found strength within myself far beyond what she believed she could ever achieve, as well as dropping 5kg's and a total of 16cm off of her body. A message from Lisa herself - "You can not be the very best version of yourself without self care! With Bridget invest in yourself and get educated by someone who has the expertise to guide you towards your goals! Feel supported and have fun!"

- Lisa A


Renee came to me after hitting a plateau with her results after changing her lifestyle drastically which caused her to feel lost and unsure of where to go. Now Renee has learnt how to sustain her results by using my 3 pillars of sustainability within my coaching program to consistently lose 0.5/1kg per week over a 12 week period. Having lost 7kg's as well as learning how to value her health, create a routine suited to her lifestyle that she can maintain and regain her confidence to love her body again.

- Renee H

Sarah K Transformation website.PNG

For a 12 Week period Sarah took the chance to regain her strength, fitness ability and mental well-being with my 12 week coaching program. She went from a size 14 down to a size 10, now in this case, she only lost 3kg's as well as a total of 13cm's off of her body, it shows that you can drastically change your body composition and sustain these results when you understand how to master your nutrition and train in a way that is enjoyable, and makes you feel great about yourself. By focusing on creating positive behavioural and mindful habits towards her well-being she understood that the results are easy to sustain.

- Sarah B


- Tina B

Tina struggled with her body confidence and comparing herself often, which causes a lot of stress on her to lead to food restriction. Now Tina has changed her shape completely but has learnt to eat all her favourite foods and achieve her goals at the same time. This is important for Tina, especially in order for her to enjoy time with her family and not restrict herself from their traditional homemade foods from her culture


- Sarah T

Sarah came to me with a few goals in mind, but a couple stood out as most valuable to her! Not only did Sarah wish to take it upon herself to feel the most healthiest physically and mentally but to love herself too. She learnt how to fuel her body with the right nutrition to feel her most energetic and happiest, how to train effectively in order to strengthen and build her muscles and how to create routine and balance in order to allow these new aspects thrive. After 12 weeks of 1on1 coaching with myself, Sarah was able to maintain her weight as well as lose a total of 19cm off of her body!

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