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16 Week Growth

When I first spoke to Luci, she was lost, very low self-esteem and from struggling with anxiety she didn’t know what steps to take on her own to fix this.

So we spoke about not just WHAT she needed, but WHO did she want to become? HOW did that feel for her is she was to achieve these said goals.

In doing this, Luci achieved sky rocketing results, from dedicating her time to learning how to show up for herself, understanding what does a healthy lifestyle look and feel like for her and how to take action. In doing so, over a 12 week period not only did Luci lose 11cm from her waist but she also achieved:

1. Restoring her confidence, to the point that she is carefree and empowered within herself

2. Improved her relationship with food, allowing her to eat intuitively, understand how to fuel her body and how much

3. Ways in which to care for her physical AND mental well-being, creating supportive habits that align with her goals and values

Luci began to sparkle again, have confidence in not only herself, her health and her body but she started to thrive in other aspects of her life like her career and love life!



24 Week Growth

Jacinta came to me with a huge goal ahead of her, regain her strength and mobility after breaking her ankle!

As we began working together Jacinta saw this as an awesome opportunity to focus on her overall health as well.

So we got to work, showing Jacinta how she could fuel herself properly that supported her goals as she new her activity level was limited for the time being whilst we did some strength recon on her ankle. Learning and understanding what her eating habits were like, were they supportive or unsupportive of her goals and how to navigate her way through creating new supportive habits.

Jacinta's determination blows me away, she kept consistent and new that the more she continuously showed up for herself, that it would pay off in the long run. After working with myself for over a year, we got her back to:

- 95% mobility in her ankle

- Crushing her deadlift and chin up PB's we set together

- Fuelling her body in the right way to increase energy

- Creating and committing to a supportive routine for her health and well-being

From achieving the above and more, Jacinta has a newfound confidence within herself and to top it off lost a total 8kg's and KEPT IT OFF, no more roller coaster results for Jacinta, just sustainable results!



12 Week Growth

When reflecting on Kirsty’s journey I was so grateful to have been apart of her story and to be able to watch her grow, shine and become so incredibly confident in her own skin.

From tears of hardship, frustration and feeling minimal love for her Self, we took gentle steps into teaching her how to focus on herself as she wanted to learn how to not only be confident and love herself but to heal her relationship with food also.

In doing this, Kirsty and I were able to work together to create a simple routine for her to follow whilst implementing the tools and guidelines I give to help her start to gain confidence again.

We focused on aspects such as:

- How to fuel herself enough to support her goals.

- How to create balance and not restrict herself from her favourite foods.

- Focus on food language and how she views food.

- How to show up and show gratitude for herself

- Set realistic training goals and made an action plan to achieve them

- Creating a non-negotiable morning routine that focused on her ‘me time’

After completing her 12 weeks with me to optimise her health, physically and mentally, Kirsty became the most confident woman within herself, she was filled with self-pride and self-love and finally have the confidence in her knowledge and her body to excel in all aspects of her life!


Lisa Addington

12 Week Growth

Lisa came to me as a newbie when it came to health and fitness, with never having stepped foot in a gym before. But this didn’t stop her from wanting to succeed at her goals of tightening her body and increasing her strength, especially after having 4 children! In doing this, we focused on a few things:

How to fuel her body with the right nutrition and how to incorporate the right amount of fuel within a vegan diet as well as how to use resistance training to strengthen her body in a way that made her feel empowered.

After 12 weeks of 1on1 coaching with myself, Lisa was able to lose 5kg’s, whilst tightening her overall physique! She also achieved:

5cm ——> lost from her waist

5cm ——> lost from her thighs

6cm ——> lost from her arms/shoulders

All while she was learning how to eat MORE of what fuelled her to be her most powerful!



18 Week Growth

When reflecting on Tahlia’s journey, I am in awe of her constant dedication to bettering herself, the true definition of a powerful woman! 


From health battles, frustration and feeling stuck with her body, we took gentle steps into teaching her how to focus on herself, eat to fuel herself and energy and how to create a sustainable routine that supports her goals. 


From focusing on implementing the above, Tahlia was able to keep confident in the gym again, feel like she had more zest for life and understood how to listen to what her body needed. 


After completing her 18 weeks with me to  optimise her health, physically and mentally, Tahlia became more strong willed, dedicated, motivated, confident, healthier and proud of herself for all the hard work she put in! 🎉😍


Want to have a chat to me about your goals? Fill in the application in my bio and we can chat about what that will look like for you! 



12 Weeks Growth

Renee came to me lost and confused about the path she was on, but was certain on one thing…. SHE WANTED TO CHANGE She knew she needed to find herself again, re-gain her confidence and learn how to live a balanced a lifestyle! In doing this, we focused on a few things:

First of all we started with implementing regular eating habits that consisted of nutritious foods to fuel her goals, learning how to eat foods to fill her up and how to plan her nutrition ahead for the week, organising her and giving her a structured routine.

As well as offering a functional gym regime in order to regain her confidence with exercising, we focused on self-awareness, using the tools and guidelines I offer on a weekly basis on how to become aware of her unsupportive habits in order to create new supportive habits that aligned with her goals.

After 12 weeks of 1on1 coaching with myself, Renee was able to lose 5kg’s, and redefining her confidence! She also achieved:

7.5cm ——> lost from her waist

7cm ——> lost from her hips

5cm ——> lost from her thighs

All while she was learning how to focus on herself, learn the importance of self care and how to eat to nourish herself!



24 Week Growth

Tina came to me in pursuit of understanding her nutrition and how to manipulate it in order to achieve her desired goals.

From someone seeking to lose weight and having a fixed mindset around cutting out carbs, her favourite foods and I found there was a huge resistance towards her eating habits.

25 Weeks on and Tina is a changed woman with a changed mindset on her eating. From drastically changing her body shape and losing body fat, to building a strong physique.

All while she was learning how to focus on having her favourite foods and ENJOY CARBS again.

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