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Will women get 'bulky' if they train weights?

Now more often then not, a lot of women presume that if they were to perform resistance training (weights) that they would obtain a 'bulky' physique. The short answer is no, but I urge you to read on and actually understand why you won't get a 'bulky' physique if you train weights (Yes women this ones just for you).

Firstly before I go on to educate you on the women's body structure, note that the word 'bulky' is completely subjective. It is entirely up to you as an individual to decide on what level of muscularity you desire for yourself.

1. For one, females do not have the same hormone profile as men. This means that as women we are not able to put on enough lean muscle mass to be able to look 'bulky' or manly as most people say.

2. That being said, again it is entirely dependant on what you perceive as 'bulky'. To some women it may be that a few kilos of extra muscle mass might seem too much for them, however to another individual, it may not seem muscular enough for their liking.

3. Overall it is all about the effort that is put into your training in the gym. With a proper strength training routine and the surplus of calories eaten in which will determine how much muscle would be put on. What most women don't understand is that you need to be eating in a calorie surplus (eating more calories than you are burning a day) to be able to put on an adequate amount of muscle mass.

On a personal note, if you were to spot a woman that your perceive as 'bulky' is because that is their particular health and fitness goal, to shape their physique. They would have worked so hard in the gym and in the kitchen to achieve a physique to get that muscular, and that they would definitely be in a calorie surplus.

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