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Different training styles and their differences

I have had a lot of interest regarding training styles and the different ways in which you can spice up your workout routine. So below I have listed a few of my favourite training styles along with some others, to which I give my clients and myself to maximise their results, and elaborate on how different they all are.


By using super or ultra sets you are performing two or more exercises one after another without rest. This then challenges the muscles, requiring more intensity and puts your body in a faster pace. This style of training increases muscle mass in a shorter amount of time, dependant on how heavy you are lifting.


Dropsets are essentially a techinque were you perform any type of exercise using a choice of weight, then without rest, reducing the weight to continue your repetitions until you reach muscle failure.

Great fir those busy days in the gym were equipment is minimal, so you can us this technique to your advantage.


This technique is similar to a dropset, however you could be performing any exercise on it's own and complete that until failure by each set, or superset an exercise of whatever repetition range chosen to an exercise to failure to really make sure those muscles are working as hard as they possibly can.


By using a pyramid set in your workout; essentially performed best at the end, it can challenge your muscles easily as it's al about starting off your superset with light weight for each exercise, then progressively the repetitions can either increase and weight decreases for vise versa, hence the pyramid pattern.


Now tabata falls under the category of HIIT (High intensity, interval training). Meaning you are performing high intensity exercises for a certain period of time, then resting for a shorter time period. HIIT style of training is very similar to tabata, obviously being under the same category, however the rest periods are usually low intensity exercises, therefore having no rest whatsoever and your workout becoming a lot short than usual, which I believe is great for those days you don't have enough time for a long workout, or great for those kind of people who like their workouts short, sharp and shiny.

I hope that you have gained some knowledge from this blog and that you try out a new training style for your next workout! The more you mix up your workout, the more beneficial they become for your body, variation keeps the body always thinking.

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