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How I stuck to healthy eating on holiday

If you're much like me then you'll understand how important a balanced diet can be, due to the fact that I have a major sweet tooth and always feel the need to restrain myself from over indulging.

Since being on holiday in Bali this past week I have chosen to elaborate on some ways that I stuck to healthy eating whilst away from the kitchen.

Dependant on where is available to eat at, most of the time there will be a healthier option. This is where will power comes into play also, as when on holiday it seems like the right time to relax and not be conscious about what you are fuelling your body with. So when available, switch those high carb foods such as fries, bread, and potato chips to a side salad or a bowl of vegetables. This was you won't feel so bloated and full.

A key factor is to make sure you always stay hydrated, this saves your diet as well as wallet, this is due to alcohol being a popular first choice by most individuals. As for me, I'm not a regular drinker, only on special occasions, but when I do I choose the healthiest option; none of those high preservative sugary drinks such as beer, pre-mixed drinks and some wine. I would usually stick to vodka soda and lime for the no calorie factor and I don't feel as horrible after as I haven't fuelled my body with an excessive amount of sugar.

When it comes to healthy eating it is either going to be due to your specific health and fitness goals and all keeping your well being as best it can be. Hence the meaning behind my next tip; know your motivation.

Knowing your goal intended and keeping that goal within your mind is a surefire way of not leading astray with your eating on holiday, those treats won't look as tasty when you know how you are going to look and feel when you stick to clean, healthy eating.

Pack your food!! Whilst away, we planned a lot of day trips to the middle of the island, and where we intended on going, we weren't sure of what food was going to be available (especially in the rainforest) and we weren't sure of how much time we had to go looking for food either. Plan the day or night before where you are going and how long for, then you can pack the appropriate foods such as; salad packs, died fruit and nuts for snacks, fruit and wraps etc. and or if you can bring an esky. So then you are sure to keep accountable to your healthy eating.

Like before when I was explaining how if I was going to be out for a whole day and was unsure of when I would eat next, as well as packing food, eating before hand is a must! Firstly the fact that fuelling your body ready for the day is extremely important, it allows you to no get hungry (starving) either. Once the body is in starvation mode, you tend to crave the not so healthy foods along with bringing from being so hungry, therefore it is beneficial for you to be organised and prepared before hand.

Last but not least, BALANCE!! Personally I find having a balanced diet with only having those not so good treats once in a while is good. Like I stated above, I have such a sweet tooth, so I make a conscious effort with my treats, if I'm going to indulge, I'm just going to have to work my butt off twice as hard in the gym to make up for it. That's what it's about for me, workout that little extra so that when you do reward yourself, you don't have that guilt hanging over you, PLUS by doing this you're less likely to binge and overindulge as it isn't a foreign food to you.

I hope my tips and tricks to staying healthy on holiday has helped and educated you slightly to be able to implement these yourself. Eating healthy isn't hard, it's a lifestlye.

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