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5 Reasons why I take Vital Greens

It's often said that to maintain a healthy nutritious diet, you need to consume the right amount of fruits, vegetables, meat, wheat and dairy in order to fuel your body with the required nutrients. So I have come up with 5 reasons to why Vital Greens is beneficial to my daily diet.

1. Convenience

If you're unaware of what you nutrients you consume on a day to day basis then it is easy to over or under eat certain vitamins needed for your daily intake. By consuming vital greens, you will be sure to balance out your diet and take those vitamins you may have been missing. However, even if you are wary of your nutrient intake, there are somedays where we may not be organised and Vital Greens is a easy, simple alternative to add to your morning routine.

2. Overcooking

When it comes to cooking, this is one of the most commonly made mistakes when it comes to loss of nutrients. Whether it is something minor like overcooking your food to slightly burning it, this will decrease the nutrient value of the food eaten. I tend to stick to fresh, raw vegetables with seasoning for taste instead of roasting or frying.

3. Stress

Whether your body is feeling stressed physically or mentally, this is a period of time were the vitamin's in your body are going to be at a decreased level. This is due to your body's well-being is working overtime to keep the body functioning.

4. Poor digestion

Dependant on the individuals digestion habits, digestion can also be a major factor, especially when it comes to certain food groups, your body may not agree with. Such habits like eating quickly or larger portions can also effect digestion, as the body is unable to absorb the required nutrients, this were Vital Greens is beneficial as the supplement compensates for any loss of nutrient value.

5. Being a woman

Yes, that beautiful time of the month, that most women dread comes into the factor of why I choose to take Vital Greens. When it comes to the pre-menstrual time, us women can benefit from more vitamins at this time. The reason these extra nutrients are beneficial is due to the fact that it can reduce the symptoms that we experience, these symptoms include; bloating, headaches and depression.

Vital Greens is a supplement that I live by, taken daily in my morning routine. Please keep in mind that each individuals health requirements may vary and if the supplement does not agree with you, please discontinue use.

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