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Let's be honest, organisation isn't the easiest of traits to comprehend! No matter what it can always seem daunting at times, and that is why I have chosen to elaborate on my 7 tips to getting shit done.

1. Be clear on what you want to accomplish for the day

Whether you have an assignment to finish, a blog post that is due to be completed there needs to be some priorities set in order. Set small goals for each day, and by small I mean the important task that need to be done. One thing to always remember, are you busy or productive?

2. Get in the habit of writing a to do list

I find the morning or the night before works best for myself when wanting to write out my daily tasks. It is a sense of clarity, decluttering and organising the mind of what needs to be done and to just focus on each individual task as it comes.

3. Prioritise your to do list

When creating your to do list focus on the key tasks. Like I mentioned previously put the tasks that are most important at the top so they are your first priority to complete. This way, you will be able to achieve your goals quicker, due to having eliminated the irrelevant tasks for the day.

4. Write a 'not' to do list

By writing down any tasks, or objects that will distract you from achieving your goals, you're able to set yourself up for success. Knowing that you're only surrounded buy things that are going to assist in achieving your daily goals instead of procrastinating when the tasks become too difficult.

5. Set some rules

Social media is one of the most popular forms of distraction and I can vouch for that myself. Whilst working through your to do list, set small designated 'social media' times per 2 tasks you achieve to help stay on track. Whether these breaks only be for 10-15 minutes, you will be less inclined to feel tempted to check your phone regularly. Or better yet, pop your phone onto do not disturb mode when there is a big/important task at hand.

6. Hour of POWER

Select 1 hour out of your day to focus on one specific task. This way, you have no distractions and you can put all of your energy and focus into completing one of your most important tasks for the day. I find this helps with my motivation when continuing that stamina to complete my other tasks listed.

7. Reflect, acknowledge and move

At the end of each day, reflect. Reflect back on what worked for you and what didn't, for you to be able to learn from any mistakes and implement new actions into the next day. Acknowledge these mistakes as that is what makes us human, by accepting our strengths and weakness' then move on. Move on from anything that happened throughout the day, good or bad, tomorrow always brings a new day.

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