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There are many theories as to whether cardiovascular training is the best recommendation for weight loss, or whether weight training is the most beneficial. From a fitness professional point of view I have several theories and answers as to why I believe that weight training is the most successful form of training for weight loss.

Firstly, when doing any cardio based exercises, you are increasing your heart rate level as well as increasing your metabolism; the ability to burn calories. When in a steady state of cardiovascular exercise, you expend calories as you go, but once you finish exercising your metabolic rate drops instantly back to normal.

Whereas with strength training, you are building muscle, and the more muscle you obtain the more calories you burn. This is due to, when completing strenuous activities such as strength training, you have an increased rate of oxygen intake this then puts the body into a state also known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption).

EPOC is the amount of oxygen required to restore your body back to a normal resting metabolic rate, therefore the body is working harder and longer to return to normal rate compared to when training the cardiovascular system, it drops almost instantly, ultimately burning fat longer.

No matter what, due to new and upcoming scientific researches there is always going to be a debate on which of the following training styles; cardiovascular and strength training, will assist in a greater weight loss. But from my personal experience and dependant on the individuals pleasure, I'm 100% set on strength training.

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