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Do I create meal plans for my clients?

No, I do not create meal plans for clients as I don't obtain a nutrition qualification. I have a great interest in nutrition. It is possible to create meal plans for clients without a qualification however. 

I provide nutritional guidance; what are healthy sources of carbohydrates, protein and fats, I educate all my clients in macronutrients and how to count calories also. Instead of giving out meal plans I calculate clients calories and macros suited to their measurements and update them as required to reach their goals.

Where can I email you any further questions I may have?

To get in contact with myself, I appreciate either via email; and or my Personal Training page on Facebook, link is at the bottom of the page.

After purchasing my training package I have since lost the email and or downloaded link to the app, can this get sent again?

If you happen to miss place the link to download the app I am more than happy to send out the link again.

What is the difference between home based and gym based programs?

The exercises themselves are still going to be challenging, except all home workouts are tailored for no use of equipment, having only your body weight to work with. Whereas the gym based workouts will use various equipment, weights and machines.

Do you offer 24 hour support?

For all online programs support is offered within a 24 hour bracket Monday - Sunday. Whether this be in the form of an email, instant message or phone call, help is always available, whether it be unanswered questions, motivation support, and advice, leave your questions with me and I will get back to you within 24 hours of initial contact.

How long should I wait until I start to see results?

Personal results will vary with each and every client. Additional to your personalised tailored plan, results come with dedication and adhering to a healthy diet. By complying with the above on average I would give it at least 8 weeks before you start to notice a change within yourself, due to ourselves being our biggest critics.

Do you include the calories for each meal within your cookbook?

I have included the calorie count per serving within my cookbook. I don't suggest that everyone should count there calories, but I have incorperated it so those who would like to count can, and to include nutritional knowledge for those who don't.

Can I track my own workouts on the app or just the ones you give me?

With the app, I have set out your entire weeks worth of workouts. If you choose to do any extra workouts i.e. weights or cardio then just do them but don't add them to the app. Some people get carried away and try to create their own workouts on the app which can then disrupt the plan I have given. By all means do the extra workouts, you just don't need to track it on the app.

I am stuck on whether to purchase the 4 week, 8 week or 12 week packages, how do I decide?

To help you decide on what program to purchase, think to yourself, if it is the motivation you are struggling with and you aren't sure how long you can commit yourself to a program, then start off with the 4 week program, you can always progress from there. How ever, If you are dedicated but are wanting something more long term, try our 8 and 12 week programs, these programs offer lots of advice, support and nutritional information, and calorie and macro breakdown for your specific body measurements.

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