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A 16 week journey to embody your true self-confidence, optimise your health for the long haul and step into your most powerful authentic self yet, unlocking the keys to sustainable success and self-love and worth so you can live the life you have been dreaming to live.

The Powerful Woman Project 2.0


With Bridget Bennett


To embody the dedication of honouring yourself, a journey of a lifetime, to regain your confidence and optimise your health. The reason and sole purpose of The Powerful Woman Project, to diminish the shame and frustration us women place on ourselves, our health and our bodies.

I want to teach you how to reclaim your self-love!



If you feel like you’re stuck, disappointed or feeling like you have no idea how to focus on your health and confidence, look no further, because it is possible to change. It is possible to love every inch of yourself and feel the best you ever have, trust me, this is why I have created The Powerful Woman Project.


Who is this for?

This is for women who are...

- Sick of playing small with your confidence

- Needing a complete rehaul within your health

- Ready to breakthrough the BS patterns that have held you back from your desires.

- Ready to become the new 2.0 version of yourself

- Wanting to learn new tools and get away from short term fixes.

8 x Educational Self-Improvement Modules

8 x Empowerment Workbooks

The Powerful Woman Project VIP App

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Weekly Personalised Check-In's

Custom Review's For Support

Daily Guidance & Support 

Lifetime Access To The Powerful Woman Inner Circle 

What's included?

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The Willingness To Change

Understanding the willingness to change, diving into how courage, commitment and consistency will invite sustainable success.

The Course Outline: Module 1


Releasing resistance and creating self-awareness to move through limiting beliefs and a disconnected mindset.

The Course Outline: Module 2

Time Management

Clearing blockages when it comes to time management and setting intentions to align with your goals.

The Course Outline: Module 3

Breaking Diet Culture

Breaking diet culture, bringing back simplicity to your health and implementing supportive language and habits to do so.

The Course Outline: Module 4

Intuitive Eating

Adopt an intuitive eating approach to holistically optimise your health and heal your relationship with food.

The Course Outline: Module 5

Stress Management

​Upgrade your tool box to regulate yourself and maximise your stress management skills.

The Course Outline: Module 6

Sleep Hygiene

Integrate sleep hygiene practises as you understand the profound healing potential of recovery and how it improves your energy.

The Course Outline: Module 7

Body Image

Unlock a new level of self-confidence, inner love and worth and activate your authenticity.

The Course Outline: Module 8

Hear what our women have to say!

Galatéa's Transformation

Tayla's Transformation

Tenessa's Transformation

Phoebe's Transformation

Luci's Transformation

Tayla's Transformation

Maree's Transformation

Renae's Transformation

Hasitha's Transformation

Georgie's Transformation

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