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The Powerful Woman Academy

Your Body Image Bestie

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Empowering You To Accept Yourself As Is!

The Powerful Woman Academy is a place to thrive, an education hub of self-paced courses to holistically heal women’s body image, their relationship with their bodies, food and movement!

Your body confidence, well-being and self-love is our top priority here at The Powerful Woman Academy and what better way to heal your body image than to do so in a safe space of love, acceptance and authenticity.

Are you sick of bending over backwards and begging on  your knees to try and change your body in order to feel confident?

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, learn the art of self acceptance and body confidence here at The Powerful Woman Academy!



Experience radical, unconditional self-love and body confidence


Step away from the conditions that leave you begging on your knees to change your body


Give yourself permission to say bon voyage to societal standards and learn to truly love your body as is


Ditch diets for good and finally enjoy food once and for all


Finally let go of the numbers and find your true self-worth


Learn the art of self acceptance

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I am Bridget Bennett, a holistic health and body image coach and life worker!


What’s that? It means I study and teach the exact tools and practices that I used to heal my own body image and overall well-being, because I was once in your shoes too. 


I came from a place of self hatred, self conscious about my body, depressed because I was anxious and lacked self worth and overall couldn’t stand the sight of myself…. 


But it wasn’t always like that. I had been a bubbly, confident and active person my whole life, from being a dancer for 10 years, playing multiple team sports.


This led me to starting my career as a personal trainer and nutritionist, to help others achieve their health and well-being goals, which led me to wanting more, and by more, I mean I wanted to see what else I was capable of, and that led me to body building. 


I competed as an athlete for 3 years, but on the third and final year, it all took a toll on me, that year I had become a Professional Athlete, in which had proved itself difficult, having taken my physique to the next level, I fell in a heap afterwards. My health plummeted and I gained weight instantly and that’s where my body image struggles began. 

I saw my body change, I hated it, I finally became aware of how much of my self worth and confidence I had placed on my appearance alone and I not only felt out of control but was challenged with an identity crisis. 


So I know what it’s like, to have all forms of confidence diminish from you, to have zero courage in who you are and feel as if your body is failing you. Until I put the challenge to the test and have risen, to have now fallen back in love with my body and self, but not in the way you might think. I did so by ditching diet culture and learning how to accept myself as is, to offer love, respect and nourishment to myself in many forms to regain my body confidence. 


I empower, educate and support women to make an impact on themselves by discovering their true self. Unlocking their inner body and self confidence so that they can be their most powerful selves. Through the guidelines, tools and practices I provided, I show you how to integrate these learnings into your everyday lifestyle. 


I focus on showing you how to transform your mindset and nurturing yourself by nourishing your overall body through healing your relationship with food and movement so that you can step away from the toxic diet culture that has led women into a space of begging to change their bodies in order to feel worthy. Alongside this, I’ll bring you into a state of awareness, showing you exactly how to take back control over your inner self talk, emotions and overall love for yourself. 



That's why I have built THE POWERFUL WOMAN ACADEMY!!

Think of me as your body image healing bestie!


The Powerful Woman Project

Our Signature Course

Designed for the woman who wants to fall in love with her body, to learn how to prioritise herself and regain her self-confidence!

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