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I teach women struggling with body confidence, fall back in love with themselves through holistic health and well-being coaching while building their dream body and feeling empowered.

My Story

I am Bridget Bennett, a Health and Lifestyle Coach and Nutritionist.

I aim to inspire women and to make an impact on themselves by discovering their true self. Unlocking their maximum potential to become their most powerful self. Through guidelines and tools provided by myself to implement their learnings into their everyday lifestyle, I help women understand how to sustain their results and to become masters in their own nutrition and move in a way that makes them feel their absolute best.

I focus on the benefits that of physical exercise and nutrition, as well understanding the mind and how we can best nurture ourselves. By creating awareness and understanding the struggles women face I can help them become more in tune with themselves to understand what they need in order to fulfil their mindfulness.

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From day one I have been an active person, from being a dancer for over ten years of all genres, dancing locally, participating in classical exams to competing at a State level. I have a huge love and appreciation for team sports such as netball and volleyball, participating in these for over 5 years, however I found I also became increasingly interested in my solo athletic career when it came to Body Building. Amongst all I found myself continuously studying within the health industry field.

Since being a coach, it lead me to always wanting to challenge myself physically and mentally. My Body Building career lead me to compete at a State level, Nationally and against the best of the best at the World Championships, were I became the Under 21, Novice and Open Bikini World Champion and was honoured to receive my Pro Card, becoming a Professional Athlete.

Since then, I have competed Nationally and at The World Championships as a Professional Athlete and have placed 2nd Nationally against the Pro Athletes of Australia, all within a 2 years.

Post Body Building, I experienced an immense hardship with my physical and mental health. This has lead me to be the Coach I am today, I have been in your shoes, I know what it is like to have all forms of confidence diminish from you, to have zero courage in who you are and feel as if your body is failing you. Until I put the challenge to the test and have risen, to be my most healthiest and confident self yet, all whilst following my own protocols and procedures I teach within The Powerful Woman Project.

I give every ounce of enthusiasm I have to make sure your goals have been met and that you become more knowledgeable after working with myself.

Throughout my journey in the fitness industry, I have ​​had an extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to nutrition. Through understanding the basics of anatomy and the purpose of food for the human body, to excessively manipulating nutrition to benefit my sporting performance and aesthetics, and everything else in between. This has lead me to experience an abundance of knowledge first hand on why nutrition is so significantly important.

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Follow on below to check out some of the incredible transformations my powerful women have achieved. With dedication to honouring themselves, along with being closely guided by myself to fall back in love with themselves and to understand the key to sustainability to creating unshakable confidence. Build the body of your dreams, feel empowered and live the lifestyle you want.


What is TPWP?

A 16 week journey to embody your true self-confidence, optimise your health for the long haul and step into your most powerful authentic self yet, unlocking the keys to sustainable success and self-love and worth so you can live the life you have been dreaming to live.


Learn the value in yourself, how to benefit your health and well-being whilst making it fit your lifestyle, no more quick fixes, we teach sustainability


Become a sustainability queen and understand how to make results last for a lifetime without the added stress of 'reverting back to old ways'. We teach you how to maintain your results in the easiest way possible.


Ever wondered how to achieve your goals with a routine that is flawless? Get laser focused on what YOU need to succeed and never look back. Routine is eminent and we are hear to help show you how this could look and work consistently for you.


Your health and well-being it can make you feel vulnerable. We are hear to remind you that you are important, valued and supported. To be able to understand yourself, your limits and how to overcome them, comes trust and we support you.


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